The Skjoldehamn Tunic

The Skjoldehamn tunic is another bogfind, this time from Northern Norway. It is kept in Tromsö museum. It has been dated to the late Middle Ages, no earlier than the mid-15th Century, because the 'shirt' that was found with it has a standing collar; a fashion that becomes common on the continent only towards the end of the 14th Century. However, a C14-dating of the fabric shows that it was made much earlier.

I personally note that the shirt in question looks remarkably like a same 'kolt' as they are worn even today. This find may or may not actually represent a common fashion, but could perhaps be the body of a Same of the time. However, the cut of the garment is still relevant.

The garment has one gore front and back, two on the right side and three on the left. The neckline is V-shaped. It was worn with a small plaited band for a belt. The fabric is a 2/2 twill.

Bibliography: Bockstensmannen och hans dräkt, Margareta Nockert m.fl. Hallands länsmuseer, Halmstad och Varberg, 1997.