Placement of fitchets

Fitchets are slits, or openings in seams, allowing the wearer to put his hands through to reach for a pouch hanging from his or her girdle. The presence of fitchets shows that the garment was a surcote, intended as an outer garment. The exception here seems to be H43, which was worn with a belt that covered the fitchets.

Placement Length
Birgitta Seam between front and side gore ?
H37 front-piece seam ?
H38 Front inset 17 cm
H42 Front inset 16 cm
H43 High in side seams 13 cm
H45 Seam between front and side gore 17 cm
H47 Seam between front and side ?

Note: the fitchets in H43 may not be fitchets, but simply be a case of the seams splitting when the garment was forced over the body it covered.