From this hour forth I bear you faith in life and limb, body and honour, for the properties of Marienna Jensdatter. I promise to treat you as a Vassal should a Lord. In rent for these properties I promise to pay a Ljunit tunna of Ale each year at Candlemas. I will bear you this faith while I hold from you these properties, and if I ever break faith with you I will return them to you. So swear I Asbjorn Pedersen Marsvin, before these witnesses.

Sir Ulf:

I receive from you your faith, and I promise in return to keep faith with you and treat you as a Lord should a Vassal. While you keep faith with me, and remain married to my niece Marienna Jensdatter, you will have unhindered use of these properties according to the betrothal contract agreed to before witnesses. Furthermore, I present you with this ring in token of these properties that I give to you today. So swear I, Ulf fra Sjaelland.