This page has pictures of neat stuff, for inspiration or documentation

The embroidery on the Chasuble of St. Bathilde (8th Century Frankish)

Pictures of reconstructions displayed at the National Museum of Denmark

As I was on my way out of the museum, one of the guards suggested I might want to take photos! So I ran back through the exhibits, and because I was about to miss my ferry, didn't write things down. Drat! I should have just missed the darn ferry! Still, next time I go there, I'll be better.

The Mammen outfit

A remarkable outfit from the Iron Age grave at Lønne Hede, west Jutland

The Thorsbjerg chieftain - detail of the tabletwoven braid on his mantle

A "best guess" Viking outfit, front and back

From the British Museum:

A coptic tunic

From the Luttrell Psalter, some entertainers

An aquamanile - look at her over garment!

Fabric for a mantle, and below, an interesting background pattern

Embroidered napkin - part of a set of (experimental) embroidered 'Perugian wares'

Some 16th C drinking vessels